We human beings have always needed tools and utilities for our entertainment purposes. Right through the process of our evolution, along with us those tools and utilities too have evolved. In the field of enjoying music and multimedia files, from tape recorders to speaker systems, and now when as this is a digital era our entertainment modes too have turned digital. Take a look at today’s media players.

Everyone enjoys listening to their favorite tracks and their type of music. We all build our carefully chosen playlists and gather our favorite artists and keep them arranged. We listen to them often and often, again and again, innumerable times. So seeing the music lovers’ love the media players had to keep up with the trend and technology. Talking about the media players, they have faced a long journey as the methods of storing and accessing music kept on changing. Starting from physical and bulky players which used to play magnetic cassettes till software applications which run all media files in computer only and everything is in soft form, it indeed has undergone a great deal of transformation.

Today’s media players are just software applications which run in your computer and which can’t just play audio files but also streams video files seamlessly. Things have moved on from Cassettes, CD’s, etc. and now as everything is in just files things are very easy. If you have a portable music player, a pocket media player like iPod, if you have a good stereo system at your home, if you have a computer with good speakers, if you have a car stereo system, or any other mode of playing music synchronizing music has become an idiot’s job today. Everything is digital and everything is just files. So talking about the media players, they are applications which have codecs to play certain format of files. If you want to play a audio file then there are file formats like .mp3, .wav, .ogg, etc. now for your media player to identify these type of files you need their respective codecs. Likewise it is for video files there the formats are like .mp4, .avi, .mpeg, .mkv, etc.

If the codec is not available in your media player then your media player will show an error message as the file is unrecognizable or unreadable. Now if you face such a situation then most of the media player software applications available today offer a facility to download that codec from their site and embed it in the software and run that file. There are several wonderful media player applications available in the market today. The good thing is that not all are paid software apps, there are several excellent players which are absolutely free and some even open source. Naming a few of them like VLC media player – an excellent free media player which has excellent set of codecs which hardly misses any, then there is Winamp – traditional media player which has upgraded magnificently with the passage of time to keep up the trends, KMPlayer, MPlayer, Real Player, Quick player, iTunes, Audacious, etc. All these are free media players. They offer tons of features.

There is also a media player named windows media player which comes bundled with the Windows operating systems if you feel like using it. If you have any other choice of your own favorite player you can use that too. If you are aware of all the features offered by a media player and are comfortable in using it then it is perhaps the best option and you should go for it.