Media Temple, is a provider of web hosting and virtualization services. Recently, the company has released its latest version of server, an on demand utility VPS System.

The launch of the server was a month after the company Media Temple had announced that it was going to raise $15 million in order to go ahead and employ more people and get more products in the offing and have funds set aside for newer acquisitions. The company at the same time brought into the picture its latest version of the three main web hosting plans.

VE as it is called is the short form for Virtual Environment and is the virtualization mode for both the lightweight and highly efficient server. The new utility server gives a near native like speed and is used with premium hardware. The storage on it is significantly faster than usual.

The pricing at an affordable $1 per day is a complete value addition and a great computing experience for so very minimal an amount.

Media Temple has experienced success with its Dedicated Virtual Server; it has become one of the largest virtualization deployment companies in North America. According to Matt Jones, the Product Manager at Media Temple, said: they are going to bring about a host of new products on offer that will also have something to offer the already existing customers. At the same time this kind of a server was the need of the hour for the more advanced of computing customers who need more technical high end aspects of Linux and Open Source technology.

The VE server uses the best of high end server of HP hardware, Parallels Virtuozzo 4 OS virtualization and RAID 10 storage on SAS disks and premium network providers.

All of this according to the company Media Temple means that the server offers a great amount of alternative to the common Xen based cloud provider that has been in use up until now. With these options for the customers to choose from, there is bound to be a better computer operating option at a far lower and affordable cost involved.

The launch of VE and the vision to be able to run the server with it is a great opportunity for the company Media Temple to continue to maintain its position in the market in the forerunner of web hosting and virtualization software. At the price of just $1 per day the VE is certainly going to be a great hit with consumers. It has the right mix of top notch quality and the best of affordability that is certainly cost effective for sure.

Media Temple is a one of the leading web hosting companies that offers experience in field of virtualization and is renowned for the kind of quality that it provides to the end user.