Nokia is famous for manufacturing mobile phone in all portals like GSM, CDMA and W-CDMA. They also manufacture various mobile and Internet applications like Map, applications, music, games, media and messaging. All these are performed at Nokia built in platform Ovi. Nokia is now looking to make an impact in user interface and they are developing Meego’s Home operating system for smart phones. As we told you it is the largest mobile company in the world, it also ranks first in Asia and Europe. It is ranked 41st in Fortune’s global admirable brands. They are biggest in mobile hardware segments in world and now looking forward to the software and UI segment. Nokia is developing smart phones with it’s new own OS Meego’s home in partnership with Intel.

Recently, Nokia’s market share has gone down as compared to its position in Q2 2009. Its share in 2010 stood at 32%, a 3% downfall from 2009’s to 35%.

In a report submitted by Nokia, profit has dropped 40%. If we talk about Finland, it plays the biggest role in Finland’s economy.Nokia smart phone chief Anssi Vanjoki quit some time ago and this time Nokia’s Meego device VP Ari Jaaksi has also called it quit.

While speaking to Finnish media he said that he had  resigned after joining of new CEO Stephen Elop.Reports also suggest that Nokia quietly hired Palm’s Peter Skillman, who is a veteran of ex-PDA market and will be focusing on the Meego product.

Nokia is a respected company in terms of hardware output however it lags behind in UI department. Moreover it still lags behind iPhone and Samsung’s smart phones. However despite the decrease in innovation, Nokia is all set to release  it Meego product by next year. Nokia is looking forward to its own smart phone with own OS as the competition is getting bigger in smart phone market.  We are excited to see the nokia’s smart phone with its own interface. Some reports also said that Peter Skillman is the head of UI department only; still the hardware segment is vacant for its new chief. Let us see who will occupy this vacancy.