If you want to redefine the way you send messages across to your friends and family, download the MessageMe app on your Android or iOS-based devices today. Yes, although just a month old, this app has nevertheless managed to give all veterans in the industry tough competition to match up to. Owing to its wide reach (MessageMe is compatible with most devices having iOS 4.3 and later) and rich communication technology, MessageMe is definitely writing success pages for itself.

What does Message Me mean to you?

For the starters, MessageMe is an app that lets you chat for free including sending and receiving messages locally, nationally as well as internationally. Besides text, you can also add songs from iTunes, videos from YouTube, doodles from Google, and photos from Instagram, Facebook, etc. to your messages. Other than messages to individuals, you can also group chat and use this app as a walkie-talkie too!

Wait, this isn’t all. There is much more to MessageMe…

  • MessageMe is available in a host of languages including English, Arabic, Norwegian, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese – just to name a few
  • You can use it on your iPod touch and iPhone too
  • You can share your location with family and friends
  • It engages Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, and EDGE
  • Add contacts by sharing your secret PIN
  • Add emoticons, Doodles, stickers and more to your messages
  • Share videos, music, and voice recordings

So, with such a fun way to chat and interact with friends, how can you not explore it right away? So far, according to official reports, MessageMe is sending across 500 messages worldwide a second. Wow, that’s some number. So how about downloading this app today and checking it out yourself? You surely can’t do without this free message app….