Advanced Micro Devices, the American multinational semiconductor company that develops computer processors and related products has delved into the realm of company partnerships by integrating technology from Apache HTTP server into their systems. The main problem that these two powerful entities want to fix or improve, for that matter, is the problem of the power noise. Most power supplies create a background noise from the spurious oscillations rendering the machine distracting and somewhat annoying.


Now, AMD has seen fit to use Apache Design Soultions as their trusted global supplier of power supply noise and reliability sign-off products. With the goal of analyzing and optimizing from RTL to silicon, Apache’s PowerArtist, RedHawk and Totem collaborated to help AMD efficiently address critical power and noise challenges that arise from digital, analog, mixed signal and custom IP design and SoC integration.

Apache uses PowerArtist to perform RTL power analysis and reduction to make tradeoffs between power, area and performance in the design process as early as possible. RedHawk allows ealr stage prototyping and optimization of the power delivery network, supple nose and EM sign-off. Totem is the provider of transistor-level analysis of full custom IPs and model generation for hierarchical SoC verification. In addition, AMD generates Chip Power Models to achieve chip-package power and noise closure.

“AMD is committed to delivering innovative products to our customers by leveraging best-in-class architecture, circuit, design automation, and manufacturing technologies,” Jim Miller, corporate VP, design engineering at AMD reported. With this innovation, they are releasing a whole new concept and will open the eyes of the public to a new generation of personal computers.


With the help of Apache, they will achieve their main goal in this endeavor. The whole point of it all is the improvement of both companies’ services to the public. They will provide the needed assistance in case of problems which will be delivered by their highly trained and competent support staff.

For a long time now, AMD has been providing the public with their products. Now, with Apache at their side to tackle the issues on power, noise and reliability, their next step will take the computer world by storm. It is a perfect partnership, says several experts from all over the micro processing business. You will also agree once you have seen the results after this new journey into a different path for Advanced Micro Devices and Apache.