With the idea to promote learning and knowledge, Microsoft has announced a partnership with Encyclopedia Britannica to incorporate Britannica Online answers on the search results pages of Bing. This affiliation between global educational publisher ‘Encyclopedia Britannica’ and software giant ‘Microsoft’ will provide users a snippet of relevant and trustworthy information against their keywords and questions, without visiting the actual webpage.

How it will work?

As soon as the users will type their keyword, they will get an instant synopsis of the subject, handy facts and figures along with a thumbnail image, making it a lot simpler than ever to find trusted content for a specific search. In addition to this, it will provide direct links to various other trustworthy sources.

“We’re very excited to collaborate with Encyclopedia Britannica as it continues to strengthen its online presence, and hope you find these new answers valuable and helpful in your search for information,” Bing’s Franco Salvetti said.