It had been rather disappointing to find out that Microsoft officials were rather speechless when they were asked about the low sales of their best selling products ever made which are the Xbox 360 and Kinect.

Several people who are interested in gaming and do not want to play games on their PC due to the cumbersome tasks of installing the necessary hardware components and then playing a particular game often like to go for a more sophisticated and hassle free task. It is to buy a game console and play the desired game by sitting in their bedroom.

A Game console is actually a machine, which just like DVD players enable gaming on the TV. You just have to attach the console to your tv and then forget every thing about any possible hardware components or even any software that has to be installed for playing a game. It is often being observed that the HUD and the graphics which are available in any gaming console is often very high and the now a day most of the gaming consoles are supporting HD graphics for games.

In the same way, Xbox 360 and Kinect are the greatest and the most popular gaming consoles ever to be built by the human race and the owner of the Xbox 360 and Kinect is Microsoft itself.

But the funny part of the story is that after the entrance of Nintendo and SONY in the market which were complemented by the arrival of the Nintendo Wii and the SONY PS3 proved to generate quite a competitive atmosphere for the Xbox 360 and Kinect. To one’s great dismay it was found that even after the total sales of 1.9 million consoles by the end of December 2010 the total sales of Wii and the PS3 was higher.

NPD gave the reasons as follows. They said that the above-mentioned decrease in total sales was not actually the result of any kind of lowering of the demand for the Xbox 360 and Kinect but was actually the shortage in supply by the year of 2010, which made most of the customers to shift from purchasing the Xbox 360 and Kinect to Wii and PS3. This was quite a disaster as was told by the Microsoft officials by the starting of 2011, however, the sales have raised again and more than 5.5 million consoles were sold in the starting weeks of 2011.

That was quite relief for the Microsoft officials who later announced that the greatest problem laid with the mismanagement and the demand forecasting that led to the lowering of the supply of the much demanded console which is still loved by millions of hard core gamers, from all over the world.