Kinect is a gaming device which is specially made for the Xbox 360 gaming platform by Microsoft. The original name of the Kinect console was Project Natal, which was used in the initial developments of the console. Kinect is a console which allows the user to operate the Xbox 360 without game pads. It works via gestures and spoken commands. The purpose of the developing the kinetic gaming console is to give enhanced experience to the player beyond the conventional gaming platform.

In the recent market forecast, Microsoft has said that in the first launch of Kinect it sold 2.5 million consoles and till the year end of 2010 nearly 5 million units were sold. The steep jump in the overall sale value speaks a lot about the growing popularity of the console. Various sources have been quotes as suggesting that Microsoft gets at least $1.2 billion by selling this console in the first year and around $2 billion gross revenue for the system software and Kinect ecosystem.

Because of the Kinect console the market share for the Xbox has gained top position in the gaming console segment. Sources says that they’re also one reason behind the boost in market share, Nearly 1 million Xbox sells is done because of Kinect, people do not want Xbox but they want Kinect so because of this sell is increase tremendously and its helps to Microsoft to connect people with Kinect other than Operating Systems. Microsoft also gets share profit from the Game developers; developer’s wants to develop new games which are compatible with the Kinect so its effect on companies shares profit directly.