Several web browsers are nowadays available to surf the Internet with great ease. With the advancements in web technologies, it has become quite easy to watch videos or listen music online. Various websites provide support for playing games online. The advancement of such capabilities of web browsers is due to the background coding. If you connect your web browser to Internet it updates the necessary files needed for its smooth operation. These files are the update files that are needed to provide a more advance platform for the browser.

Online technologies for web browsers are supported by the background codecs of the browser. These codecs install necessary files for the browser to run advance applications. Sometimes you may have seen the message that a codec is needed to play the file. Such messages are generated by the browser to upgrade its functionality. Most of the codecs are already provided by the web browsers. An extension to a codec integrates files necessary to run the latest applications on a web browser.

One such extension for the codec of web browser is Silverlight. It provides a cross-platform implementation for the .NET Framework. Silverlight was basically developed by Microsoft for next generation media experiences on web. It provides Rich Interactive Applications (RIA) for web. Silverlight integrates with almost all types of browsers. It can be integrated with Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and so on. To integrate Silverlight with your web browser a small plug-in is needed to be installed. This plug-in installs very easily and quickly.

The latest news about Silverlight is that a native extension is now available. The extension provided for Silverlight is now applicable for native users of Windows 7. It consists of a set of libraries that support Windows 7 features including taskbar and jump lists. This extension helps in connecting the devices attached to a system like webcam, microphone and any other input sensor devices.  Silverlight extension give a set of codecs to the web browser. With the help of these codec technologies, the web browser becomes more efficient for offering a multimedia rich experience.

The new extension provided by Silverlight is based on the existing features. It also provides COM automation wrappers for the users of Windows 7 APIs. API stands for application programming interface and it is a native environment on which the extension is applied. This means that developers of Silverlight are able to create applications that can be integrated with the desktop of Windows 7 and local hardware.

Right now, the Silverlight extensions are applicable to Windows 7 only. These extensions will not work with Windows XP. The extensions of Silverlight running in browsers still have the common set of features on Windows and Mac operating systems.