With the introduction of its search engine- Bing, Microsoft had set itself to redefining the Internet search experience.  According to Qi Lu, who is Microsoft’s head of online business,in his recent visit to India said,” Modern computing is moving towards cloud-based computing and it is a strategic initiative for us.” Microsoft seeks to understand the user intent and requirement when they search words. By displaying the user search according to their specification, such as Internet profile, users can narrow in to their, search much more easily.

The current Google technology simply displays the web pages that match the word entered in the search index. According to Qi Lu, “At first, search engines just looked at the words being searched for, and listed web pages that contained them. Now, there is a growing wealth of data to help clarify how users’ interests are evolving, such as posts on social networks and “tweets” on Twitter.”

Microsoft’s Bing seeks to redefine the Internet experience for users, as it seeks to cater to their search requirement according to their profile on the Internet. Moreover, it seek s to personalize the user experience, through cloud computing. Cloud computing is the next stage of search engine optimization, which provides the user the relevant search criteria, rather than displaying a list of similar word.

In the era where marketing and advertising is being set according to the huge revenues generated on the Internet. Microsoft certainly does not want to be put off the race.