In a network, several computers are connected to a server. The working of the server can be easily understood as follows. Servers are like a data base of different web pages. The moment you send a request for a particular webpage, it reaches to the specific server and from there the server sends a webpage after extracting the data base of all the servers. All the tasks are done in such a systematic way that within seconds the desired webpage is before you. As it can be understood that sometimes when you write some web address and click on go it says that server is busy. It means that there are multiple clients to a certain request sent and that is why it takes time to execute your command.

Microsoft has launched a new multiple point server from where two different users can work simultaneously without disturbing you. You need to plug in a keyboard and with the large display you are all done. You can enjoy working without glitches. This multiple point server is good for laboratories and libraries. It is possible for you to get access instantly. As a result your cost is going to decrease because you no more want different server computers.

With this multipoint server it is possible for the research scholars to get updated to the desired web pages. It is possible because there is a larger monitor and you are able to plug key boards and mouse, and you are able to make better communication. It is really going to prove as a boon for the students and the teacher fraternity all over the world. With this multipoint server it is possible to keep a close eye on the students what they are doing in the virtual world. It is really great to see your child and your student safe and leading a right way.  Now students are able to save their home work online and enjoy their work never before. Indirectly there is a huge amount of reduction in paper consumption.