In spite of being the country with the highest population in the world with more than 1.3 billion people China is not likely to be covered in the Microsoft’s target market foot the launch of Kinect, which is apparently the company’s hands free controller for XBOX 360. As per the vice president, the company is not planning to extend their market operations to China. Even though China is a huge market, not many companies have been allowed to put their peripherals and consoles for sale there. This may be due to the country’s policy. Thus as per the sources even Kinect would not be available in China officially.

The news portal Sina leaked out the news when Michel Van Der Bel who is the Microsoft public sector vice president confirmed the news that the upcoming device would not be targeting China.

With that being discussed it has been noted that the commandment of the Chinese government has not disappointed the Chinese gamers a lot. This is due to the fact that the major portion of Chinese gamers uses their personal computers as a gaming platform.  There are a number of internet cafes in china people get a fair amount of easy access to the various gaming platforms like Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

In an interview, the VP  also mentioned several associations of Nintendo with the manufacturer from China iQue in order to sell out the American Consoles in China.  He said that presently the agreement is not likely to be realized since there are a few issues in the game console sales. He further added that the imports may cost around 50 times higher rate than the contrasting titles.

Interviewed by industry news website Gamasutra, the company also referred to Nintendo’s previous partnerships with Chinese manufacturer iQue as another way to distribute Japanese and American consoles on the mainland.  Although China is a huge prospective market where the gaming consoles and their associated gadgets can get a lot of profit, however due to the stringent regulations of the Chinese authorities the companies face problems in promoting their sales here.

The Microsoft vice president also added that the PC games industry is actually gaining a boost in the mainland as it is supported by the country’s government. Few of the popular games are online adventure games like Fantasy Westward Journey.

Thus the speculations of Xbox Kinect being launched in China are written off. It is to be launched in North America on November 4. At the similar time the PlayStation controllers would make their debut in Europe and North American Retail market. It would be some where around September in Europe and in October in Japan. Nintendo, for the meantime would declare particulars on the Nintendo 3DS’s launch date, despite the fact that it is planned to disembark before March 2011 and much probably the end of this year.