Microsoft has a history of making wonderful products in technology to the extent that they are well known world wide for products that are so innovative and very well advance. Microsoft is always open to partnership with other great companies to make great innovations in the software world a possibility. If you call Microsoft Corporation the heart beat of the mobile and computer technology industry, you will not be doing anything out of place.

It is this same desire for qualitative outputs that brought about the partnership between Microsoft Corporation and Hewlett-Packard. This is not the first time that Microsoft Corporation will be in partnership with other great computer hardware and software companies for the purpose of bringing up products that make the mobile technology world tick with activity.

The purpose

The purpose of the partnership is to bring about the production of a type of computer which are much smaller and durable then the computers of today. This kind of computer is called tablet computer, it is capable of performing practically any kind of operation that the normal computers we have around can perform. The beautiful thing about this tablet computer is that it is so portable that you can easily hide it in your pocket.

By the time the product is released onto the market, it will make life all the more livable for every business person who enjoys managing his business on the move. It will ensure that your online business can be monitored any time and any day.

The profit making motive

The desire of Microsoft is to tap into the iPad market since the market had been proving itself to be a lucrative market. Apple had been able to make some real fat cash out of the iPod market. The company had sold up to three million copies of the iPad. This is very surprising to think that the iPad from apple went on sale just in April.

The advantage

There is a great measure of speculation that the Microsoft-HP partnership will bring out an iPad that will be able to beat the one made by Apple because of the added advantage that the Microsoft made iPad will be able to have above the Apple made one.

Part of the advantages includes the ability of the Microsoft iPad to run flash. Apple had banned this video software made by adobe from featuring on its iPad. With this software being available on Microsoft iPad, the users will have access to more features on the iPad than what is being offered on the apple iPad. Microsoft Corporation has a good record in the mobile world. The company will not find it difficult to make considerable number of sales from this new product. By the time the product is fully available on the market, it will succeed in outsmarting the Apple made iPad, Microsoft will be able to ride on their former good record