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Platform– Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Price– Free

She walks with her over-sized pumps. Every time her pumps slip out of her feet to make a sound, Mickey Mouse skips a beat of his heart. Yes! She is one of the most loved cartoon characters, apple of Mickey’s eye–she is none other than Minnie Mouse. This beautiful damsel now comes as an Apple app. Disney Minnie Mouse is an app that lets all Minnie Mouse fans create personalized ringtones, alerts and mobile greetings.

The most fascinating part of this app is that it is voiced in the original voice of Cinderella from Disney’s Classic Movie. This app is beautifully crafted to create and preview your own Cinderella voiced messages. You can also compose your own customized ringtones and mobile alerts and send all your friends e-greetings from your phone.

Walt Disney created Minnie Mouse as Mickey’s love interest. She shares the same birthday as Mickey Mouse, 18 November 1928. We are not telling you her age (even if you can guess), we respect the fact that ladies’ age should not be pronounced loud! She still looks as fresh as she always did. Minnie Mouse’s costume was created in sync with the then modern youth culture. The white gloves and the short dress were introduced with a feminine bowler hat with a daisy sticking out of it. She was redesigned in the 1940s. Her hat was replaced with a large bow and bows were added to her shoes also. Her most distinct feature always remains her shoes that flip flopped every time she walked.

Minnie first came to the ‘arc light’ with ‘Plane Crazy‘. This was the first time ever Mickey and Minnie came together. Mickey takes Minnie on a plane ride. In the middle of the flight he requests Minnie for a kiss, which she refuses. Mickey forces Minnie for a kiss, which finally results in Minnie parachuting down. This cartoon was followed by ‘The Gallopin Gaucho‘. And then by ‘Steamboat Willie‘, which finally established Mickey and Minnie as a couple.

Minnie Mouse has acted the damsel in distress to perfection, which gives Mickey the opportunity to play the hero with equal ease. Over the years, the character of Minnie Mouse is waning with other characters taking the central role. She can now be seen in the Playhouse Disney children’s television series, ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse‘. In the episodes, she is often seen with her best friend Daisy Duck.

Minnie Mouse has charmed us with the tap of her over-sized pumps and has played the perfect mate to Mickey. She can be still found in Disneyland waving and shaking hands. Walt Disney would be a happy man that even after long eight decades of her birth, she still remains fresh and lively.

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Have a look at this video featuring Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck: