In February 2004, Facebook Inc has launched a social networking website called Facebook. You can access a variety of options in Facebook. You can adjoin people as your friends. You can update your personal profile and let your friends know about it through Facebook. You can send messages to them. You can stick together networks well thought-out by schools, colleges, workplace etc.

In September 2005, Facebook instigated a high school version. The employees of many companies like Microsoft and Apple Inc were given eligibility membership. From September 26, 2006 onwards anyone aged 13 or older are allowed to become the members of Facebook. But they should have a valid e-mail address. Facebook has become more popular during 2009-2010. In some continents it has exceeded the Google visits. In Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and New Zealand, has become the top social networking site.

Almost every year of this century can be termed as the year of the mobile. Now smartphones help to access Facebook either through their web-browsers or applications. In August 2007, the Facebook iPhone app was launched. On its Ovi Store Nokia is offering a Facebook app. Google’s Android 2.0 OS has also a Facebook app.

The development of smartphones has created more advertising revenue streams. iPhone 4, Apple iAD are the upcoming mobile advertising network. Persons having modernized iPhone and iPod touch device can receive targeted adds. After the introduction of Apps in iPhone, it has attracted the hearts of many advertisers with its novel offerings. Thus handsets have increased the market share and they are exploiting the innovative generation of mobile users. Facebook is subjugated by status updates from BlackBerry’s, iPhones and the Ovi system used by Nokia. Now the prospective for mobile advertising is enormous.

Facebook has decided to hit seven billion users. According to David Berkowitz over at Media Posts Social Media Insider Blog, the most important key for Facebook to hit its target is mobile. It has decided to attract the younger generations by means of mobile. It has then decided to create a service like Skype.

Hitting seven billion users is a mighty task. It has to cross a number of barriers to achieve this. Really not every person likes to be on Facebook. There are many people in the world who have a liking to have the Facebook access but really they don’t want to access it. A social media melancholy will surely happen and many of its users would get rid of their digital footprints.

Mobile devices being faster and smarter have more processing power like a laptop. Hence there will be an extreme swing in mobile use across all the social web and social apps. Facebook having the golden opportunity of hitting the seven billion users requires a lot of dedication. Instead of selling the users’ personal data to the premier advertising bidder, if it increased its usability of the services, surely it will dominate the world.