Dell continues to push the boundaries of mobile performance by announcing newer and better models. In early December 2009, Dell unveiled the Dell Precision M6500, which had a 17 inch screen, and in  first quarter of 2010, it announced launch of Precision Mobile workstation M4500. This machine has great features and is powerful; it is said to be the world’s most powerful 15.6 inch Mobile workstation!

Mobility Personified

The M4500 is the world’s first 15.6-inch mobile workstation offering an optional 64 GB SSD MiniCard for additional high-performance data storage and a better battery life. Weighing just 6 pounds, the M4500 is  quite portable.  The thermal tables are user selectable. These tables keep  system cool and extend the battery life when absolute power is not in demand. It has a battery backup of  7 hours and 40 minutes, which seems pretty impressive for a machine like this.


The M4500 claims to provide near immediate access to e-mail, calendar, contacts, Internet and virtual remote desktops, with a new technology called Dell Precision ON. Creative professionals, engineers, designers, animators and research scientists will breathe a collective sigh of relief as this new mobile workstation is designed to free them from their desks. The Precision range of workstations by Dell is  specifically designed for graphics-intensive professionals in engineering, product design, animation and digital imaging. These machines are a great combination of performance and mobility, needed to  run the most demanding applications.


As a part of the Dell E-Family product line, the M4500 is compatible with the E-Family accessories.. This includes, notebook stands, port replicators, external storage modules, display and monitor stands. Like its predecessor, the Dell Precision M6500, the M4500 offers optimized performance along with compatibility on 95 key applications from leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) including Adobe, Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes and Schlumberger.


Dell Precision M4500 comes with optional security features including Dell ControlVaultTM, which is a hardware-based security solution that provides a hardened and secure bank for storing and processing user credentials. In addition to this,  FIPS fingerprint reader and a contactless smart card reader delivers comprehensive security options.

Some more Features

  • It is available with an optional Intel Core i7-920XM Quad Core Extreme Edition, Core™ i7 and Intel® Core™ i5 processors linked with fast 1066MHz and 1333MHz memory for compute intensive and memory bandwidth sensitive applications;
  • Optional NVIDIA® Quadro FX 1800M or Quadro FX 880M graphics with 1GB of dedicated memory for large models and models with high texture;
  • Optional HD+ sRGB LED 15.6-inch screen with 100 percent user selectable color gamut support;
  • Optional 3MP camera and Gobi 2.0 mobile broadband support with a multi-touch touchpad for greater user flexibility;
  • Easily portable with a starting weight of only 6.0 lbs; and,
  • Support for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, along with Red Hat® Linux 5.3 64-bit.

Dell’s Mobile workstations are known for their cutting-edge performance and cost effectiveness and the Dell M4500 stands tall to support this claim.