Apple iPhone has been in news for quite some time because of the release of new iPhone 4. Apple iPhone 4 has been released in the market and has been a success as usual. Apple iPhone has many advanced features and applications built into it or available for download to better customise the device accoriding to one’s requirements. Recently MOG has launched the updated version of its mobile music application for iPhone. MOG for iPhone is a streaming musing application for smart phones and now with the updated version of this it has many new features in it which surely will interest many customers.

MOG provides streaming music services for many smart phones and has vast user database. MOG has been releasing the updated version of their phone application for providing interface for their new services and schemes but this time MOG has just released the updates for its iPhone applications and not for other phone versions. The reason for this is that iPhones operating system is entirely different than the other phone operating systems which work on Android. The major change is in the multitasking area of the application. Earlier users were not able to work on any other application if listening to streaming music over MOG, but now with the new version of MOG the users can minimise the MOG application when it is streaming and playing the audio and can work on other applications as well.

Highlights of the new features which are included in this new update are as follows: Background Playback – As discussed above this feature allows users to minimise the MOG application and listen to the streaming media while working on something else. Support for Audi Remote Control – Till now MOG audio was controlled through its own interface but now the iPhone generic audio controls can be used for controlling the MOG playback. The Controls start controlling the MOG playback as soon as it is started and continue controlling it through out the session. Visibility of MOG is not necessarily required for the Audio Controls to work on MOG. User’s can tap the Home button to go to the home screen and letting the MOG playback continue and with another tap the MOG screen comes up. This also lets the audio controls of iPhone control the MOG playback. With this new version the playback of streaming audio continues to play even if the phone is locked which was not possible earlier. The new MOG application now accepts inputs from the headphones which have the audio control buttons. One click on headphone button is for pausing or playing the audio, two clicks for moving to next track, and 3 clicks for playing the last track. MOG certainly has enriched its widely used application with these new features which adds up to the user experience. Not only the user experience but this also pave the way for other applications to make the most out of the iPhone Operating system and developed similar intelligent and nicely integrated applications for iPhone.