In 2010, Monster announced a partnership with Miles Davis LLC to bring out a new set of luxury headphones and at this CES 2011 it showcased a set of Miles Davis high performance headphones. Monster is popular for celebrity branded head phones and had earlier partnered with Dr Dre and Lady Gaga. They are designed keeping the jazzy look of a trumpet in mind with Miles Davis’s signature event, the interface buttons resemble brass piston valves of a trumpet. These are said to be a continuation of the Miles Davis tribute headphones that too were designed with the brassy feel and jazzy contemporary look in mind.

They are pre packaged along with the Miles Davis album “Sketches of Spain” in a reworked version in Monster High Definition Stereo and HD Surround Sound. The Monster headphones are in the top 3 luxury head phones brand. They are cheaper than the previous edition, but boast of, if not better the same quality. They will start shipping later this year. Monster Cable as the company is popularly known produces consumer audio accessories and connectivity cables. It entered the headphones market with headphones designed with the partnership with Dr Dre.

At CES 2011, Monster also showcased a lot of Tron Legacy branded acoustic products that monster had made in conjunction with Disney. The headphones come bundled with the award winning background score audio disc by Daft Punk encoded in Monster High Definition Headphone Surround.

Also Monster at CES 2011 released another set of headphones the iSport In-Ear headphones. These headphones are waterproof and sweat-proof and come with a secure clip to ensure they stay on while exercising. They are priced at a low price of 129 dollars, but are especially designed keeping in mind all your requirements while exercising. They deliver high sound quality coupled with utility and snug comfort fit designed to ensure they stay on while you work out.

The luxury brand has stuck to its promise of providing not just superior sound quality but superior feel of sound coupled with a rich experience which is what Monster prides on. With the new Miles Davis headphones you can feel the jazz flow and actually fall in love with the legend all over again.