The app is gaining popularity, giving an unprecedented boost to overall sales

Ever coveted having the X-ray vision that the Superman uses to peek through walls or to admire her love interest Lois Lane, furtively? If your answer is a yes, Moosejaw X-Ray app is something you would need to make your wish come true, at least to some extent.

Moosejaw, the online retailer of outdoor outfits and various sports gear, utilized the concept of augmented reality (AR) to develop the see-through app for iPad, iPhone and the Android handsets. The prime purpose behind developing the app, however, is not to let you fancy in a real way, but to let you see what the models in Moosejaw Winter Catalog wear underneath their clothes. Although a marketing objective, it is interesting enough to let you give a try. Even if you do not have the print version of the catalog, you can still make use of this app by using it on the online catalog of the same collection.

The free app uses the camera of your smartphone or tablet to create a simulated and augmented perception of an image. Just point the camera on any male or female model in the catalog and you would instantly be looking onto his or her underclothing. You can simply call it fun-shopping, if nothing else.

Even the men’s magazine Esquire and the coffeehouse chain Starbucks have used the AR concept to boost their promotions. However, Moosejaw seems to have come on the top of all with a 37 percent rise observed in its overall sales. According to an analysis from the Detroit-based Marxent Labs, the app registered around 1 million Tweets, almost 160,000 video views, and a total of 75,000 downloads in just five weeks.

“Our goal at Moosejaw is to always create a unique and notable customer experience. Something that everyone who shops with us will want to tell ten friends about. The X-Ray catalog and X-Ray App are designed to create an incredibly cool, interactive and fun experience that breaks the barrier between our print and digital brand. It’s also very much about seeing people in their underwear, something we’re constantly prioritizing at Moosejaw,” said Gary Wohlfeill, creative director, Moosejaw.

Visit the official Moosejaw website to download the Moosejaw X-Ray app.

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