It has been quite a while since Google came out with the release of the Android 2.2 that was also called Froyo with hype galore. There were a lot of expectations from the new version of the operating system that was meant to provide high performance to the Android platform with the help of the Just in Time compiler. The system would give great enhancement to the Android platform with increased speed and built in tethering. With the help of the new platform you get updates on the Google Search bar at a faster rate. There were lots of advancements indeed like the installation of applications with the SD card. A number of small advancements and tweaks that make performance better in every aspect are presented.

The whole idea of Chrome to phone was in itself really interesting and helpful. These benefits were indeed not looked upon very keenly by the industry and thus the immense potential could not be leveraged to its’ fullest. The Chrome to Phone is definitely a great application which gives ease to have an endless sharing of data and access to information without any problems. I happen to simply love this utility after having used it once. Irrespective of your location you can access your information without any hassle.

It is definitely something that you can have while you are facing some issues with your work as you are working at home on the web and then suddenly have to move out. So when you are in middle of the work on some of the website simply launch the Chrome to Phone application and then you can synchronize the web page with the Android device with great ease.

Suppose you were watching your favorite fashion website at your home PC and trying to track out which dress would you like to wear on the party tonight. But suddenly someone calls you and asks you need to drive to their place. So you are all confused. Should you leave your reading halfway or should you do not go where you have been invited. Well this is where the Chrome to Phone application comes at your rescue. You can simply make use of this application and synchronize the web page with your android device like a phone and can have awesome experience reading your favorite stuff without any hassle.

Well you can do this synchronization by follow the below mentioned simple instructions:

Firstly, you need to set up the Chrome to Phone application on the browser.

  1. Open the Google Chrome to Phone Download Site.
  2. On the site click to ‘Download chrometophone-extension-v0.3.crx’ file (for Google Chrome) and when your download completes install the file.
  3. Also take down the file ‘chrometophone-android.apk Android’ application and then install it.
  4. Once the installation is complete on the web application launch the Chrome to Phone application from your Android phone and then select the Register Device button.
  5. Then open the Chrome to Phone Chrome Extension in your Chrome browser and register for Google user name. If you already have a Google user name then login with existing Google username and password.
  6. Begin seamlessly to start sending stuff.