Motion Computing, an established name in the world of tablet PCs, lately released their next-generation Windows-based Tablet PC, CL910.

Exclusively designed for business use, the Motion Computing CL910 sports an array of features and can be upgraded to the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Motion’s most recent CL-Series tablet offers optimized durability along with connectivity, enabling mobile professional remain productive across key vertical markets.

Primarily, Motion Computing CL910 includes:

• 10.1-inch display with capacitive two-finger touch, high-resolution digitizer pen input and Corning Gorilla Glass for enhanced durability
• Intel Atom N2600 dual core processor
• Optional Gobi connectivity with GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth 4.0 and a wireless SIM for robust communication
• 3.0MP front-facing camera and 1.3MP rear-facing web camera
• CL-Series SlateMate with Magnetic Stripe Reader and Barcode Scanner

In addition to this, CL910 Tablet PC boasts Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for safe information management and data protection. This new Tablet PC by Motion Computing seamlessly integrates with myriad of business environments, including field service, healthcare, and retail.