Are you planning to buy a new Smartphone?

Hands on Moto E Smartphone, the cheapest Smartphone that is been in talks for some time now! The designers of Motorola have made this realistic phone for regular use at a very nominal price.

The Moto E Smartphone is the first of its kind that you could use on a daily basis. During the launch, Motorola’s Software Chief Steve Horowitz caught saying that this device is every bit a performer and one could enjoy the quick responsiveness of it at a very reasonable price. Available for just $129, the Moto E runs the latest Android 4.4 software with all basic apps and services that an Android phone is worth.

It can easily help you navigate through maps, browse Google Chrome, edit and delete photos in the gallery, and check Gmail. Motorola’s Moto E is good Smartphone and it is far better than Moto G of the same brand that costs user $50 more and achieves performance similar to a typical Android Smartphone. The exterior of Moto E is very similar to HTC’s 2011 flagship Android phone, the Sensation, which too had 1.2GHz dual-core processors and 4.3-inch screens with qHD (540 X 960) resolution.

The phone has a bigger battery and it lasts for relatively longer time. Appearance wise the phone is sleek and stylish and it doesn’t try to look like anything extraordinary, however, the interchangeable plastic back covers provide a bit of color and variety to the otherwise simple phone. The front screen of E is equipped with edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass that protects the front and the buttons takes care of basic power and volume functions.

It’s hard to believe but the phone actually gives double the benefits of the price as it is water resistant too. It has given a tough competition to the companies like Nokia that had talked about connecting the next billion.

Sad Side

The phone had a sad side too, its camera is not good and it cannot play back Full HD video and there is no LTE option either. However, the LCD display in Moto E too is not up to the mark.

Bottom line

Apart from all these loopholes, the Motorola has set a new standard with the Moto E. The phone is fast and responsive and it is surely one of the best handsets that any company has launched recently.