We all perceive that the future of education lies in the mobile and that the future of education lies in technologies that are emerging. Getting us closer to such realities is the Atrix mobile system which has become both a consumption and production tool.

The CES universe does not include much of education. However, this is queer as the major point of the educational technology depends upon what consumer products do the students bring and at what platforms. The Motorola Atrix is one such device. Being a powerful Android phone, it can be bundled up with a laptop like device for a docking station. The laptop because you need the keyboard functions clubbed with the screen and battery. The operating system and networking comes from Atrix.

This combination is good for the reasons that the Atrix is a portable computer and the laptop. The Atrix contains a full processor and with plenty of memory and a fast processor. The Atrix is a fantastic combination of computer in a mobile device.

The Atrix goes well with a laptop since it is a device to complement the Atrix with its facilities of keyboard and screen. How can the Atrix be useful in higher education? This is because most of us think that the future of computing is from a mobile. Education, as far as we are concerned is being mediated by mobile devices and other such devices.  With the applications and browsers, the mobile is such device that has become a future of higher education.

With the Atrix, the dreams of the thin clients can be realized. With a set interface, the university needs to only provide some docking stations to the students and let them plug in for assignments and study. This provides portability to education where the student may connect at any time to the broadcast or the bandwidth of classes and study. This causes greater focus on learning. Courses may be taught on the Atrix which enables the student to plug in anytime from anywhere and send in assignments and do courses through social networking too.

So the Atrix is a great way to contribute towards higher education end with the high speed networks and docking facilities made available on it. The Motorola Atrix is more than just a phone- it is a smart phone. If you need some functionality while you are in transit, you can plug into any HDMI screen and use the Atrix like a desktop computer. The Atrix becomes like a notebook with 8 hours of battery life. This is a great way to study where you can surf and also complete assignments on the Atrix 4G mobile, using it like a computer so much so computers can be eliminated.