Motorola has been one of the very popular mobile brands available in the market. It has always come out with original ideas because of its constantly experimentation oriented approach. The company has always brought the mobiles which have rocked the markets. With such an exclusive qualities like exceptional features, there have been attractive android models of handsets.

Recently, Motorola had introduced MotoBlur which was Motorola’s biggest achievement has now it brought another model to charm its users. Charm is the android phone which is an attempt to cover up the features that were missing in the MotoBlur. In other words, it is the enhanced version of the same phone in a new form. Motorola’s Charm follows the pattern of android 2.1. It is enabled with new features such as QWERTY keyboard. The display of the phone consists of touchscreen with dimensions of 2.8 inches.

Charm and its Charming features

Charm may seem to be similar to other phones but in fact it is different and this can be known only by using the handset. With the help of this phone, users get an advantage to filter their messages. This phone might be somewhat peculiarly shaped but its numerous user friendly features take prominence over its looks. Charm gives you an access to social networking sites. You can get to enjoy the photo session with your friends and family with this Charm phone which is enabled with 3-megapixel camera. But, here there is a bit problem as you don’t get to zoom and the facility of auto-focus is missing.

Motorola’s Charm phone has Bluetooth. Users can check e-mails and access Google Talk. The company provides memory card which is of 32 GB and the phone memory is 2GB. Charm makes it easy for the users to stay at peace without the battery problem because it has a lot of battery backup. With its touchscreen capability, the phone has a very efficient personality.

Charm has an additional feature which would be appreciated by the people who are into messaging frequently. These users get to access the touchscreen and will notice navigation pad. This navigation pad can be found at the back of the handset.

Can Charm Survive?

This phone has promising attributes which can lead it to the successful product in the market. Unlike, its previous version which could not captivate the hearts of the masses, Motorola estimates that Charm is not going to face the same fate. The company states that Charm has been really worked upon so as to give the better usability to the consumers. But, we cannot prejudge whether or not this phone is beneficial for the users. Once the users try this phone, they can tell if it is a boon or bane for them.

However it cannot be denied that Motorola has added some really cool and attractive features in its latest android phone. With its attractive features, Motorola Charm is really going to be hottest product which is worth checking out. Charm is all set to grab the attention of the gizmo fans who keep updating themselves and their mobiles with newer ones. Users can experience the new effect of this charm.