The much hyped and celebrated mobile phone operating system from the IT giant Google is now going to be on the latest Motorola phone. There has been a lot of anticipation regarding the mobile phone which comes with the next age OS after the monopoly of Symbian in Nokia. Till now, the only phone to have the new operating system was Google Nexus. This time the new Motorola Droid will be loaded with the extremely robust Android OS 2.2. The news of the next phone is out. However, the correct and precise date of the launch has not yet been communicated. It’s presumed to be around middle of the month. With the competition growing in the telecommunication front, it is exciting to see which phone brand launches the Android compatible phones first.

As communicated by the top sources of Motorola, the Droid will be based on the Android OS and will be loaded with some highly promising features. There are lot of rumors and few facts rolling out in the tech geek community. Unsupervised reports indicate that Verizon will begin sending out this upgrading within two weeks. In case the details provided that the leaking out of Verizon is accurate, the new Droid will be receiving its’ improvements on Tuesday July 13. The foundation for this account points out that informal but steady version of this ROM have by now come into view on the internet.

Seeing the elite features of the incredible operating system by Google, we may assume that the Motorola Droid is going to be huge success. The so called failure of the Google Nexus phone further increases the probability of the Droid being a huge hit. The OS gives amazing capabilities to share the internet connection (3G) with help of its Wi-Fi capability. There are also provisions to contain portable hotspot software and tethering. This is indeed a first of its’ kind innovation in the mobile phone operating system. There are also rumors that Verizon will be charging around 20 dollars per month for the 3G Wi-Fi connection sharing service.

Android OS 2.2 is necessary to execute the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 on various mobile phones. It facilitates the ability to view websites compatible with flash and also play flash games, view flash applications and also watch full length videos seamlessly on the web. This new version also holds a quantity of other minute enhancements; however none of the improvements considerably alter the platform.

The Motorola Droid is indeed a significant phone from the company and it will boost its’ overall image and standing in the mobile phone industry. It has some splendid features like a large, high-resolution Touch screen and a horizontal QWERTY keyboard. Even though it has wide screen it is quite slim and elegant in look.

Since it runs on the Google OS it has wireless synchronization compatibility with the various Google applications like Gmail, Maps, and Calendar and also supports Microsoft Exchange. There are also several Third Party Applications supported, with a GPS receiver, 5 mega pixel camera and 16 GB extendible memory slot.