The world in the very new format of technology has started to look at life in a different way. The world considers time to be the most precious commodity in more ways than one. It is extremely important for the companies to realise this factor as fast as possible. The company of Motorola has always managed to be one of the best mobile producing companies that the entire world has to offer. There are numerous excellent handsets which the company has introduced to the market at different times. The users from almost all parts of the world have confirmed the fact that, the company of Motorola happens to be their first choice, when it comes to choosing a mobile phone. The company has always considered customer satisfaction to be their first priority in all aspects. This factor has been greatly reflected in their work. It is not for nothing that, the company is considered as one of the top ranking companies in the world of mobile phones.

The company of Motorola has always produced excellent handsets. However, there are certain problems that have occurred in the case of PR Gaffe. The boot loader problem has been a major cause of irritation for several users from all parts of the world. Things went even worse, when an employee of the company, shouted back in a rough tone, when asked about the matter. The company soon apologised publicly for both events and have promised to ensure that the boot loader problem would be resolved as fast as possible. The company had the option of avoiding the problem, but was man enough to accept it. This factor has proved the basic character of the company and has managed to create a very positive turn in the context of popularity. The boot loader problem was with the fact that, the boot loader was getting locked. The users were not able to root correctly. This resulted in the malfunctioning of several applications.

However, the users were extremely positive with the fact that, the company has accepted the problem and have assured a solution at any cost. The company has already assigned an expert team for trying to find a solution to this massive problem. It is being guessed that a solution to this problem will be reached sooner than later. There are several surveys which took place in various parts of the world about the issue. It was strange to find that, most people were sympathetic with the company and was sure of it coming up with a solution. The basic reason for this has to be the long relation of trust that the companies have with the users.

The users must stay up to date with this issue. A great way of doing this would be, by using the virtual world of the internet. The internet would have several articles about the topic.