Motorola seems to bring in some real competition to the world of smartphones by producing the fastest of the smartphones in the world today. It seems that the company is not only focusing the normal customers this time. The phone was announced recently and it is expected to hit the stores by the end of this year. This is doubtlessly one of the super powered phones in the world of smartphones today that would certainly attract all the users who need power in their handheld machines as well.

The phone will certainly outrun all the products in the market in terms of power. The combination of Android and 2GHz would certainly outrun every other smartphone currently in the market. The current product line of top smartphones include HTC EVO 4G as well as iPhone 4 both use a 1 GHz processor as compared.

Why 2GHz?

The future is mobile. This is what Motorola has been focusing on while coming up with the very idea of producing such a powerful phone. There was a time when Desktop computers used to rule the world, and then came in the laptops with specifications even less then the slowest smartphones these days. This lust for power in the mobile devices increased with time until the time came when the laptops reached to such a powerful state with a real powerful processor in them. The time is not far when these notebook devices and tablets would even be replaced with powerful smartphones. The employers would be handing over some of the high end smartphones to their employees for work related activities. Motorola’s combo of 2GHz and Android is an initiative to the worldly need of tomorrow.

Rumored Specification:

We certainly cannot come up with the right specifications as the phone is just announced but certainly the rumors know more than we do. The device has a powerful processor of 2GHz and that is for sure. This has been announced even and there should be no doubt about it. There are rumors that the machine would come up with a real powerful graphics processor as well. There are strong rumors about the use of Nvidia Tegra-based graphics processor with complete Flash 10.1 hardware acceleration. The device is also expected to have a HD display to justify the presence of the graphic processor. The machine is also said to support a 720p video output.

Why Android:

The phone is not about power only, but the OS that is being used up is expected to be the most powerful of all the available OS that are being used in the world of mobile. HTC is moving on to Android with the Nexus One and Hero while the range used to consist of all smartphones using Windows Mobile. The use of all the enterprise applications within Android would certainly give it a high end business appeal to many people around the world. Motorola is using Android 2.2 to power it machine and give it the kind of security and business friendly features.

The expected phone is something that would certainly give you the kind of functionality that one could expect in a handheld device of tomorrow.