Your computer’s memory is getting affected day by day and you are still not sure what is making it weak? Mozilla has the answer for this!

Well, there are numerous reasons that increase the memory usage in your computer. Mozilla Adblock Plus plugin is one of the reasons that result into memory usage from your PC. Recently, the company warned that the popular Adblock Plus Plugin of Mozilla could potentially suck up gigabytes of memory from PCs using its Firefox browser.

The bugs and the design of the plugin are said to be responsible for the memory usage. It is found that any additional elements added to a browser can increase the memory consumption, whether it is a plugin for Chrome or Firefox. But, AdBlock is one of the major culprits that have its hand involved in memory consumption.

AdBlock filters out the annoying ads that pay for various sites and it has over 19 million users on Firefox alone. If a plugin has to filter those ads from sites with high number of ads then it automatically put a strain on the browser’s memory. For example- If you are browsing one site without AdBlock on then amount of memory consumed will be 194MB and 417MB in case AdBlock is on.

Nicholas Nethercote, developer for Mozilla, said that enabling AdBlock Plus consumes 60-70MB on a 64-bit build of Mozilla and 4MB or so per iframe, when the plugin is on. There are two important reasons for this problem, one is bug, which is the way Firefox handles style sheets, second is the way AdBlock stores its filters. Another developer Waldimir Palant, wrote on his blog that AdBlock has around 50 thousands filters which require around 60 MB of memory.

The best way to get rid of this problem is to either ditch Firefox or turn off AdBlock entirely. According to Palant, AdBlock is planning to come up with a new way to implement and store data. It can also determine which filter is being used and which is important.