Although Microsoft has now shook hands with the others in the computing industry when it comes to standardizing the web they still have some baggage of disputes in their bag.

It is the redoing of the HTML for the internet and some of those who are into the bandwagon are notables in the industry like Google, Apple, Opera and Mozilla. Now only will they refashion the whole of the HTML but will also be looking into technologies that are relevant with the Web. All of this refashioning is being done so that the sites are sophisticated enough for users. Although Microsoft has joined in the team they seem to be having a few decision problems with regards about HTML5 with one of the main individuals in the team and Mozilla.

One of the points that’s been debated is that there are two well known organizations like the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as well as the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group. The second point that is hugely debated apart from these two leading bodies being around is the process that these technologies will adapt so that the entire concept is standardized and so that it can be supported by every browser.

Now what Microsoft is really happy with is a process that is well highlighted and formal and what most feel is not in lines with today’s idea of the web standards and requirement. It might take a while before everyone in the team and even Microsoft for that matter get used to each others idea and with each others presence in the team.

Some views on Standardization of the HTML so that every developer need not be worried about how his website would look on different browsers. Although the general manager of Microsoft’s IE is not really looking for the WHATWG to end however he did mention that the company on the whole was looking at the W3C’s to be the centre of activity.

Ian Hickson who is the editor of the W3C’s HTML5 specification who is also a WHATWG participant has views that are completely different.  According to him the WHATWG has a role that would carry on, this is the group that had made its presence felt after the W3C’s and at present is not in favor of the HTML advancing however they gave complete support to the XHTML 2.0 which is considered to be an incompatible technology.

When all of the group members had met in April they had come to a concluding decision that the “WHATWG still had a very valuable role to play”

Some of the concerns making its way in the group are about the new standards and mostly about how it would be bought into play. Especially in a market where it has been seen that any new technology that the browser builds happens so even without discussing on their design or if they meet any kind of standards or no. This is one of the reasons why Microsoft and all of the members in the group are striving to achieve and that is the standardization so that developers should not have to worry about making a code that is compatible with the other browsers that are currently doing the rounds of the internet market.