There has been a lot of success recently for ace internet browser Mozilla. This intelligent browser has been able to carve a niche for itself in the IT circuit. It added a new feather to its cap by revealing the news that more than 2 billion add-ons have been downloaded by users as of now through the browser. This is indeed a milestone which has been announced with great deal of pride. Firefox, the creators of Mozilla have let out a special list of the 25 most sought after add-ons that have been downloaded in huge numbers. This may help you in case you missed out the top add-ons for yourself.

Even though there has been a lot of disparity in the expected performance factors of the browser, it has managed to get a good position indeed. All said and done it is imperative that the add-ons supplied by Mozilla are of great quality in future too, else the users would not be likely to get more downloads.

There are a few performance paradigms in which the Firefox has been lagging behind its counterparts. With increased competition and other companies also venturing in the browser arena, there have to be robust applications and more efficient implementation. Since it is an open source browser with some of the most flexible and rich add-on systems being provided, there is great deal of ease with which users can use it. It enhances the over all user experience with its incredible services which have till date been unbeatable. The user support and the ease of extendibility of the browser make it a big hit amongst the users. There have been announcements that over 60000 of the add-ons in the archive have been shared by various third party creators.

Mozilla has been doing a string of promotional movements to persuade consciousness of Firefox’s add-on system and has further given more than a few new-fangled features to its add-on site over the precedent year, including a characteristic that allows user to contribute funds to the writer of their preferred add-ons. With this kind of record the day is indeed not far when the organization will go ahead to find the way to the top. The records have shown that the clients have downloaded two billion add-ons and they are using around 150 million everyday. Some information published in the previous year illustrates that around 35 percent of the Firefox users include add-ons installed.

Mozilla’s milestone is positively a noteworthy one despite the fact that it has few issues, and there’s no problem to acknowledge the fact that Firefox has been ground-breaking in the web browser arena and with Firefox add-ons over the years it has managed to be on the preferred side of by the users. There is indeed still a lot of competition with Google Chrome and the ever victorious Internet Explorer; however, with the kind of services and utilities Mozilla is provided there is no doubt it is on its path to be the ruler.