Mozilla is updating its Jetpack versions more frequently now. Just after a month since launching the 0.5 version which is now updated after taking into account all the suggestions and feedback from users, Mozilla released the version 0.6 on Tuesday, 28th July 2010. With more users friendly features like width specifications for widgets to changes in various modules or components privilege capabilities, make this latest release much  more enhanced.

What is JetPack SDX?

To understand Jetpack SDX you need to know what JetPack itself. Jetpack is the project name used by Mozilla to help build their Firebox browsers add-on’s that help it better while using frequently used web technologies like CSS, javascript and HTML. The main idea is to help web developers or web masters a make their task easier while building websites.  JetPack SDX is the solid base for Firefox add-ons to function; it provides webmasters necessary tools and high performance API’s to lighten then task at the same time ensuring they achieve the best while creating world wide web a more creative and knowledge filled space.  JetPack SDX contains tools that play a key role for packaging, running and testing various add-ons along with supporting a wide and growing list of API’s with the intention to make Firefox a browser for web masters to plan and build new websites. JetPack SDX 0.6 is the best available tool builder currently on Mozilla Firefox.

What is new about JetPack SDX 0.6?

Last month when Jetpack SDX 0.5 was released users were asked to review and share experiences; all feedbacks were thoroughly looked into and Mozilla within a month released a more enhanced version 0.6.  The new release assists the web developers or masters in specifying the width of widgets, giving the flexibility to widening or narrow or even resizing as they would feel more comfortable or depending on how they are designing the website. Along with the changes to widgets the main change is made to how modules function in the Jetpack SDX. In the earlier versions the Modules needed higher privileges to access various components like Cc, Ci, Cu, Cr and Cm classes; however now in version 0.6 each module requires specific privileges to function.

User feedback

The developers in Mozilla Labs, looked into every feedback both received for JetPack SDX 0.5, as well as the previous versions to fix bugs and help better the functionality of the tool.  The major changes that were adopted by the team was the new version no longer fails while working on non-English websites, making the new JetPack SDX 0.6 more widely useable. Also testing can be continued on newer versions of Firefox beta.

You can download JetPack SDX 0.6 directed from Mozilla lab website or using Google. The update is available free of charge. Also to check the Mozilla lab website for detailed information as to the specific changes or enhancements on the new JetPack DSX 0.6. Do remember if you are a web admin, developer or designer, the JetPack SDX only function on Python 2.5, or Firefox 3.6 versions or higher including the new Beta.