Internet browsers have fallen into an excellent competition with each other for quite some time now. The hike was recorded with the entry of Google Chrome in the market. Firefox was already running the Mozilla with its different versions by the pace of development increased by many folds with the entry and the competition that it generated afterwards.

The Milestone

Mozilla attained a Milestone by bringing a completely new JavaScript engine integrated to its browser that is quite faster than the previous one. The developers were using “TraceMonkey” previously that proved to be a good engine thought. The future version is going to replace the Trace Monkey with the latest “JaegarMonkey”. The work is still on making JaegarMonkey even faster than it is today so that the engine can make it to the launch of Firefox 4.0. The developers at Mozilla wish to see the JavaScript engine to be faster than the competition in the market providing quick response on your browser therefore loading the page in less time.

The statistic details and competition

Though the JaegarMonkey is faster but it is not capable of withstanding the market competition in the current state. The engine is only faster in the V8 benchmark by just 12 ms where JaegarMonkey took 6829 ms to respond while TraceMonkey took 6841 seconds. In other categories, the engine still lacks a lot but developers expect to sort out the issue pretty soon. The JaegarMonkey gives a reaction time of 754 ms compared to 718 ms taken by TraceMonkey in Sunspider. The competition leads by a considerable degree with Chrome and Safari below 400 ms as the reaction time where Google is close to the 300 ms mark while Opera is in the low 300 ms.

It was targeted to drop the response in Sunspider to come as low as 500 ms but this is not a sensible choice either as you can even get a response from Internet Explorer 9 from Microsoft to react in less than the 500 ms benchmark. The target at Mozilla is to be better than the competitions if they couldn’t be good by any chance. Mozilla needs to target less then 300ms straight away to get the quality results as expected.

The best part about JaegarMonkey is that it does not have any excess code with it and is written completely fresh. The complete engine is produces out of the scratch and the developers have made excellent improvements in the last 8 weeks since the news came up and the engine was being worked upon. Mozilla expect to have an excellent code to be written out of scrap in the form of JaegarMonkey that will come up as a fast browser as per the expectations from Mozilla Developers.

The beta has been announced lately and the developers are expecting some serious development in order to bring the Firefox browser on top of the lineup with competition like upcoming Chrome 6, Opera’s 10.x and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. Firefox 4 will prove to be an extraordinary milestone for Mozilla though the beta version is offering nothing exciting.

As far as the JaegarMonkey is concerned, the developers plan to get the engine carved by the start of September so that it can be tailored into the final version of Mozilla Firefox 4 expected to be launched in October the same year.