Games are emerging  as one of the most fastest  industries on the Internet. This is because of the fact that they are now providing the users a sense of accomplishing something, a social element which makes users addicted towards the games. They are also providing users an opportunity to know on how well they have performed among others. Considering all this, Mozilla the maker of the popular browser, Firefox has taken steps to advance a bit further in the gaming industry and is now eyeing the market for browser based games. In order to tap the wildly popular browser gaming demand, Firefox has taken steps and has launched a new Gaming section that will give a major flip to the games built on the sophisticated Open Web Technologies. They have launched a project known as the Mozilla Labs gaming to provide a huge platform to developers to build tools required for the browser based games.

To get things going Mozilla has already launched an international gaming competition known as the Game on 2010. In this competition, Mozilla has invited several developers to take participants and produce some best games. The competition which will see major developers competing to build the best browser games is all set to start at the end of this month. According to the information posted on the home page of Mozilla, they have taken this initiative to encourage the developers to tap the open web technologies such as the geolocation, audio standards, multitouch, faster javascript engines and open video.  Mozilla also considers that computer games have revolutionized the entire art of computing and this is the right time to pry into the browser application development.

However, Mozilla is not the first one to promote the browser games, Earlier this year, technical Giant, Google announced an application marketplace for HTML5 apps known as Chrome Web store to create rich-browser based games. There are reports that Google is concentrating on Google games with Zynga, the creator of wildly popular Farmville on social networking site Facebook.

What are browser games? Browser games are free games which sometime come with additional payable options. They are either turn based wherein numerous players get multiple turns to accomplish their actions in a real amount of time.

History of Browser games

In the initial stages browser games were either text based or were built with the help of Shockwave or Adobe Flash. However, in the recent times a new technology named Unity has emerged that helps developers of browser games to develop highly versatile games. This technology has also been updated on a regular basis and today it is now considered as a potent tool that is used to create 3D games which can be launched on a browser simply with the help of a Unity plugin.

Here are some of the most recommended browser games which you can play on your browser: Poisonville, Mythopolis, Instant Jam, Iron Grip: Marauders, Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms, Lord of Ultima. Considering the demand for browser games and the willingness of companies such as Mozilla to take these games to the next level, browser games are surely the future of the online gaming industry.