MP3tunes has announced a new service that’ll allow Apple and Google users to share music on one platform. The service is known as Music Locker. It’ll allow users to store their tunes on web based storage and access it from anywhere. Well at least on an Apple device and an Android phone. Playback is not limited to these two brands only but that’s just what MP3tunes is focusing on right now.

How does it Work?

Sharing is really very simple. An Android user can upload his or her tunes into the Music Locker and then access it from an Apple device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and vice versa for an Apple user. Though the methods used by Music Locker are different for sharing music between these devices. Supportive enough, the company has provided video tutorials for users in order to help them play tunes between these two platforms.

Overall it’s really not that big a deal. The uploading basically takes place through the Airband for Apple and MP3tunes app for Android. Once, for example, you upload your iTunes into the locker, MP3tunes saves them and keeps uploading any new tune that you add to your iTunes collection. When you access your locker from an Android phone, the locker first downloads the tunes into you phone into a folder than can be accessed by any other music playing media for your convenience. Once in your Android phone you can use it the way you like, as a ringtone or as a part of your music collection.


Charges vary depending on the amount of storage that you sign up for. The service is free for a 2GB locker. They charge $39.95 for a 5GB storage and $74.95 for 100GB storage, per year. There is a 200GB account as well for $139.95 a year.

They are also planning to offer a 10GB storage free of cost for those who sign up right now. But this account will be only ad supported and no technical support will be offered.

To be noted is that MP3tunes offers it’s services to US residents only. Users from other parts of the world can access it too, but on their own risk.


You can buy music from any online digital store such as Walmart, Napster, Zune etc. and play it with your MP3tunes. MP3tunes supports various music formats such as M4A, MP3, MP4, AAC, OGG and WMA.

As stated earlier the service not supported by Android and Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) only but it can also be used to share music files between PCs i.e. Windows, Mac and Linux and internet radios such as Reciva, Audiovox, and Logitech also game consoles and other set top boxes.

Well what can anyone say when it comes to the rivalry between Apple and Google. Both are in a race to beat each other down. While Apple makes most of the market with it’s iPhone, Google has gained a lot of success with it’s Android as well. This application brought in by MP3tunes should bring some harmony between the two in terms of innovation and services.