Avatar has indeed revolutionized the world, and paved the way for 3D revolution; now, one can find 3D television sets, PCs, laptops, and even projectors in the market, though the demand is still fairly low; nevertheless growing day by day!

New Trends
Asus and MSI have been really serious about changing the way things in the world of computers, and they’ve already announced several 3D PCs capable of playing 3D games, movies, and videos from internet. These PCs will be featured with a thicker 3D screen, provided with complementary 3D glasses, and of course high-quality speakers to enjoy the real 3D effect!

Some of them will also be provided with conversion software to produce 3D videos from 2D content, and HDMI 1.4 ports to facilitate 3D playback on the television sets. Sure thing, everyone is fascinated by the 3D concept, but due to high pricing, many of the potential customers have been holding back from investing in these costly 3D television sets. Moreover, lack of awareness has also been a significant factor that has slowed down the adoption of 3D PCs and TV sets in the market. MSI’s latest Wind Top AE2420 is more than capable of outsmarting almost every other 3D PC currently available in the market, featuring 24-inch multitouch screen, and all-in-one operation. Except the mouse and keyboard, everything else has been integrated on to the screen and the next gen MSI 3D PC will be powered by AMD’s ATI Mobility Radeon discrete graphics processors, and latest Core series Intel processors.

Another power performer was showcased in form of EeeTop PC ET 24″, which will serve as a replacement to not just a 3D HDTV but rather a home theatre system too. It will have the latest standards including USB 3.0 connectivity, and the fastest ever Blu-ray writer, which will be capable of churning out 3D converted copies of 2D movies at 720p resolution. But, the million dollar question here is whether there is enough 3D stuff already in the market? When you really look for 3D channels, 3D movies, games, and videos, you don’t have such a wide range of selection yet; this simply means that users will still be slightly disappointed to find limited choice even after spending a good deal of money on buying a 3D TV or 3D PC.

The pricing for these 3D PCs will start from $1,500 (including all the goodies such as drivers, 3D glasses etc), which is definitely fairly reasonable, keeping their extreme capabilities into consideration. Earlier this week, Asus had announced two 3D laptops, and slowly but surely we’re entering the 3D era; the transition may be slow, but the rate at which, 3D technology has progressed, has been simply remarkable!

Will MSI and Asus be the forerunner in the 3D PC market, or will the other giants also follow the league; well, only time can answer this, so stay connected!