Msinfo32.exe is a wonderful tool in windows operating system. Consider following scenario: You have a computer which aims the Japanese version of Windows 7.

You install the Japanese version of 2007 in the Packet of following Service of Office of Microsoft 2. You put the chief Editor of the contribution method of Microsoft office on 2007 as the method of implicit contribution. You aim the instrument Msinfo32.exe to open the window of Information of System. In this scenario, you can accept a message of error in the window pane of details of the window of the system information.

The translation of the message of error in English is as follows:

The Approach disclaimed in the service of Instrumentation of Administration of Windows on this computer cannot gather the information of system. Contact your manager of system to change your frames of permission. A supported hot-fix is available at Microsoft. Supported Hot-fix is available at Microsoft. However, this hot-fix is intended to correct only the problem which is represented in this article. Apply this hot-fix only to the systems which know the problem represented in this article. This hot-fix could accept the on-probation additional bet. Therefore, if you are not severely affected by this problem, we recommend that you wait for the following updating of software which contains this hot-fix. If the hot-fix is available for downloading, there is the ‘available’ section of downloading of one Hot-fix at the top of this article of Knowledge base. If this section does not appear, contact the Service of Client of Microsoft and Support to acquire the hot-fix. Note, if additional editions occur or if any troubleshooting is demanded, you should create a separated request of service. The ordinary prices of support will apply to the additional questions of support and to editions without knowledge requested for this specific hot-fix.


  • To apply this hot-fix, your computer must aim Windows 7.
  • To apply this hot-fix, you should not make changes in recording.
  • You must re-start the computer after you apply this hot-fix.
  • This hot-fix does not replace hot-fix before liberated.

Information of file

The English version of this hot-fix installs files with attributes which are listed in the following tables. Dates and time for these files are listed in Universal Coordinated Time. Dates and time for these files on your local computer are shown in your local time together. with your actual hour inclination. Dates and time can change when you carry out certain operations on files.

The files of MANIFESTO which is installed for every environment are separately listed in the Additional information of file for Windows 7 in the section. The files of MANIFESTO and the catalogue of security linked files are extremely important for the assertion of the state of the updated element. The files of catalogue of security, for which attributes are not listed, are signed with Microsoft with the numerical signature.