To many Apple and iTune users the news that the Subscription-based music service Napster has partnered with Rhapsody to offer services on the App Store will certainly come as good news.

Recently, after the annual Apple conference which has introduced the revamped iTunes which subscription based services are looking forward to getting the niche of the market. It happens so that the current market competition is high in terms of the value of services that are being offered that even rivals like Napster and Rhapsody are pairing up too create.

The iPhone app has gone live yerterday, which has been approved by Apple. Some of the features of the app include:

  • Save songs
  • Albums and Playlists can be played offlin
  • Recommendations for related category of music
  • Automixes

The app is free to download, but requires a Though the app requires Napster and  Mobile Access subscription for $10 a month, the app is free to download.

The current subscription plans introduced by Napster and Rhapsody certainly make them one the biggest subscription based music service in the industry.