In an announcement Tuesday last week, NaviSite, the web hosting provider said it is utilizing a combination of Oracle’s Sun servers and Oracle software to operate its mission-critical systems. This perhaps marks the increasing need for performance enhancements, as companies seek to optimize on their systems.

Expansion Needs

Currently, NaviSite has over 1,500 clients in 10 data centers that are located all over the US and the UK. According to the Web hosting provider, the need to expand its virtualization platform has never been more crucial given its ever burgeoning infrastructure demands from its customer base. The company has been experiencing a growing customer infrastructure demand that has called for a change in tact and increasing its virtualization platform is the way to go. NaviSite uses a mixture of Oracle’s Sun SPARC Enterprise servers operating Oracle Solaris and Oracle’s Sun Fire x86 clustered systems operating Oracle Enterprise Linux. On the same breadth, the company is also using Oracle software inclusive of Oracle Database and Oracle Real Application Clusters as its integrated and optimized technology platform.

Cost Effective Solutions

This is basically geared at offering its customers with cost effective solutions that are as well reliable and scalable. On the other hand, NaviSite uses Sun SPARC Enterprise servers for its applications that need a high-level of presentation together with other factors such as reliability and security of the applications. In that regard, Oracle’s Sun x86 blade servers have distinguished themselves as the ideal tools for virtualized application environments given the fact that they offer high levels of presentation and are very energy efficient while at the same time they cut down on data costs and complexity. To cap it all, the company is also running most of its internal systems on similar Oracle platform, and that includes the Oracle E-Business Suite Financials and customer portal. According to NaviSite’s general manager for enterprise architecture and application strategy, the company’s combination of Oracle technologies offers it unrivalled performance, scalability and reliability and thus comes across to the company as the most efficient way to run its Oracle managed application services together with its internal systems.

Business Growth

NaviSite is an enterprise market provider of complex hosting, application management and managed cloud services and it has reported that its use of the various systems combinations are what have been behind its industry topping performance. Its Global customers have always trusted the company to offer unparalleled services that are reliable, scalable and above all secure. It allows you to drastically cut down on your costs while enhancing the overall performance and as well gives a customer absolute flexibility. As such, with the help of the Oracle systems, NaviSite said it had been able to enhance the flexibility of the services it offers while decreasing the time to condition the computing platform for managed applications and that they have also enabled it scale application environments for business growth.

On the average, you will get at least 20% cuts in costs and a further 20% better application performance.