AT&T once again invested in their network because of the growing demands of their costumers. In July 21 AT&T announced the activation of their new 3G cell site that is in Needham, Boston. Thanks to the upgrade AT&T customers can surf in the Internet, download videos and music faster and enjoy other mobile applications like maps and guidebooks.

About  the AT&T Inc.

AT&Tcommunications holding company, who provides U.S and the whole world with a lot of network services which includes the U.S. fastest 3G network. AT&T also provides wireless, Wi-Fi, vice services and high speed internet.  AT & T is the only company in the U.S., which has the right to offer its customers Apples smartphones. They also provide TV services under the AT&T |DIRECTV and AT&T U-verse brands. The have one of the most advanced IP-based business communications suite in the world. They are known for their good management and leadership. AT&T was ranked 10-th in the “50 Most Admired Companies” by “Fortune” magazine in 2008 and 7-th in 2010.

The idea of broadband networks

AT&T’s intentions are that the new cell site will drive innovation and succeed in spreading their 3G wireless network in the Boston area. According to an independent testing AT&T’s one of the most growing and fast wireless network. The other idea of the company is that by investing in building the broadband networks there will help the economic crisis and make some available jobs for the unemployed which are near nine percents. This will also enable the people using it to access the Internet quickly and send e-mails and etc. The vice president of AT&T New England said “We’re seeing advanced smartphones driving up to 10 times the amount of usage of other devices on average, despite these unprecedented increases in wireless data traffic, AT&T’s network investments and upgrades have enabled us to continue to deliver the nation’s fastest 3G network.” Reassuring their costumers that AT&T will continue to deliver the best speed for surfing and downloading.

About the 3G cell sites software

AT&T recently upgraded their 3G cell sites nationwide software very successfully by doing that the nation fastest 3G network is became even more faster. One of the multiple initiatives of AT&T Company is the HSPA 7.2 technology. HSPA stands for High-Speed Packet Access and is providing all of the company users with mobile broadband experience for now and the future. In 2011 there is going to be a new high speed on the market AT&T will make fiber-optic connections which will add the capacity from cell sites to the AT&T network.

About the AT&T’s 3G mobile broadband network

The network is based on the 3rd Generation Partnership Project. In this partnership project are included GSM and UMTS, which are one of the most widely used wireless network platforms in the whole world. The 3G data roaming can be used in more than 110 countries and the voice calling is offered in more than 220 countries.