You purchase a new computer, bring it home, turn it on and think this will make life easy. You start installing software, surfing the net, checking e-mail and downloading games, but over a period of time your computer gets full of unwanted files and big size games and program files. The computer speed starts crawling and we cannot do anything with it conveniently. Sounds like something that happened with you?

NetDuster – a 5-in-1 Optimization and Privacy Suite is simple tools which automatically scans and clean your PC and improves its overall performance. Its powerful detection mechanisms identify and eliminate all unwanted files and applications which are hurdles in the way of your computer performance.

When we buy a brand new PC its run at its top speed because it is free from unwanted spyware and software. But as we start downloading freeware, installing applications and surfing the net the computer’s registry gets overloaded with unwanted applications and system errors. At that time the significance of this tool takes place.
This tool acts as Registry Cleaner also which scans and repairs registry of your computer and prevents your computer from frequent crashes, slowdowns and instability.

Another significant use of this Registry cleaner is that it cleans unwanted cookies. Tracking cookies are a real threat for your privacy, but there is always a good way of protecting yourself against them by this unbeatable tool that gets rid of unwanted cookies and keeps your computer 100% safe while surfing on the Internet.

Your first priority while surfing on the World Wide Web is security.

When you surf the net, it leaves a virtual trail called HISTORY. It becomes very important to remove it when you do not want anyone to see what you have browsed. Hackers and Spammers from around the globe constantly pose a threat on your computer security. This repair registry tool safeguards your privacy and automatically deletes your browser history, temporary Internet files, search history and typed URLs.

NetDuster – it is an affordable Repair Registry tool which improves its overall performance by its advanced technology which makes it an essential part of every computer. This tool is recommended by all PC technicians in the field of improving a PCs performance. It is a non-intrusive Registry cleaner tool and does not affect the PCs performance. It safeguards your privacy and deletes unwanted cookies and browser history thus becoming an crucial part of your PC.