Netflix is gaining popularity due to a number of reasons. In this article, I will mention some of the reasons why this is so, and how the popularity can be increased or retained.
The raise of the number of people visiting the Netflix website may arouse debate. It has been indicated that the website received an increase of visitors to 46% year-over-year.

Reasons for the popularity

You may want to know why the popularity. Well, the company has deployed the Watch Instantly streaming services to many devices employed by many consumers today. In addition, the company has gained popularity for the service in return.

Netflix has been into DVDs business, but change could be bringing into the business, more. The growth was regarded by one of the company’s official as the fastest ever year-to-year growth over five years.

Players in HDTVs, Nintendo Wii, and the PlayStation among other gadgets can now access the service, thanks to the company’s initiative.

Retaining the current attractiveness of the service as well as improving on a variety of features may give the company more market and dominance in the industry. Today, it is possible to access the service in the living room in the high definition. Customers have apparently been attracted by the fact that the service can be afforded (it is low priced) and you as the customer can watch as much as you want. Maintaining the current practice will enable the company gain more popularity in the domestic and international scene as the current customers spread the word.

There are a number of initiatives as well as strategies that such a company can take to capture more market and retain the existing one. First, they are not single players in the market and therefore, the competitor will be watching to see what happens. There is also the need to exploit more market by launching the Watch Instantly service to additional devices.

In order to capture more market in the industry, Netflix needs to observe such competitors as the Hulu plus and the Redbox kiosks and the trends in the market. In addition, advancing in the international scenes could boost the company’s performance in the market. Although capturing the domestic market is important, there is a reason ton enter the international market and look for more customers. This will not only increase the market share but will also increase their popularity.

It would be expected that the company may meet more competition in the international market, but it does not mean that they will have exhausted strategies. In fact, it will give them more challenges to improve the company. Improvement of the services in order to cover more market and retain dominance will certainly be more beneficial to you as the customer.

What about the future?

Netflix is gaining more popularity as it has realized additional customers using the service than before. There are things to watch for; how it performs in future amidst competition, and what will happen if at all it will enter the international market.