Netflix, the largest online DVD rental service and online streaming had come up with an agreement with American Multinational Corporation, Apple Inc of releasing an app for its product iPad. This might help the buyers who bought the devise on the first day to utilise the offer of using vast library of streaming films and technology. This iPad is unique as it will have not acquired any of the features of iPhone and iPod touch. But anyhow Netflix will have a constant watch over app in its devices. The drawbacks of ipod and iPhone touch gathered from the users would surely take a mark in the app iPad of Netflix.

Netflix had clearly posted a very precise blog today:

Steve Swasey, Vice President of Corporate Communications has come out with a terrific response to the news that published today about the Netflix app on Apple’s iPad. He answered to the ones asking whether Netflix will be on the iPhone and iPod touch as they wouldn’t invite anybody for dinner before planning to serve desert, which means he was not interested to give a right answer for the raised question now and just asked to wait for the exact move on it as they are still to decide on it.

This collaboration of Netflix app for iPhone and iPod touch was expected ahead as Netflix was conducting an online survey. The online surveys was made with the users of iPhone and iPod asking for their opinions on a hypothetical iPhone or iPod touch app. Going with the fact that the app has already been released with iPhone or iPad, that is the reason for the stay subtle of the people of Netflix. And moreover the iPad and iPhone has a same platform that there is nothing to get surprised on the launch of app on iPad.

This is just a move of the Netllix. There is indeed a long march as well. They initially started with the service of mailing out DVD’s to customers but later has signed in for variety of film and TV studios to provide a boom for its watch instantly streaming services. This instant watch streaming services is now the main draw for all the tech-sawy folks. The Netflix streaming capabilities are used for the update of the recent video game consoles like the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360- the ultimate target for video games and Play Station 3. To move with, they have accompanied their recent works with Netflix.

The plans of the proposals are been started with 8.99$ per month. The available films and shows of Netflix are 30 Rock – a comedy TV show, very famous Weeds, King of the Hill – an American animated series created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels, 24, Julie and Julia – Directed by Nora Ephron, The proposal – by Anne Fletcher, Angels and Demons directed by Ron Howard, The Sixth Sense – US Home Video Trailer and many more are available to be given off online. The idea behind the making of this streaming iphone and ipod is an excellent technology that is welcomed by most of the people.