NETGEAR is a manufacturer of computer hardware devices and networking equipment. The main products manufactured by NETGEAR are hubs, routers, and DSL/cable gateways, switches, wireless access points, and storage devices. The main focus of company is to provide the best networking equipment. NETGEAR launched a new line-up of routers at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2011).

A router is a device which is used for connecting two or more computers with one another or to a network. It comes in two categories: wired and wireless. NETGEAR is the world’s leading router manufacturer. They unveiled a new series of routers at CES 2011. This new series has three new routers. These are the new Gigabit and ADSL routers with wireless technology. These routers are mainly designed for home networking applications. These NETGEAR routers have Push 2TV HD technology. By using this, a user can project a laptop’s screen and also sound in full HD, 1080p format without messing up with wires.

The WNDR3800 is a dual band Gigabit wireless router which is titled as an Ultimate Networking Machine by NETGEAR. This wireless router is made to give a high performance HD video and gaming experience. This WNDR3800 router also has Clear Channel Selector features which are in-built. The function of this system is to avoid busy Wi-Fi channel sound, thus the sound disturbance in the router is decreased and the audio performance of the router is increased. One new feature is introduced in it which is a Ready Share Remote. Ready Share Remote feature allows gaining access to data with USB HDD remotely. It also provides wireless connectivity to a printer which is attached to a router using USB port. DGND3700 is an ADSL router which is also a wireless router. This router has built in Dual-Band ADSL modem which is compatible with the ISP. Both of these routers have DLNA compatibility and many other advanced capabilities. This router is also equipped with Broadband Usage meter the so user can set the limit of usage and when it exceeds beyond the limit, there is a notification.

NETGEAR also announced an application at CES 2011, which is named as NETGEAR Genie. This application is a home networking application and is available without any charges. The use of NETGEAR Genie is to monitor and to solve the problems which occur with a wireless home network. It also helps to resolve the wireless connection issues. NETGEAR Genie software has a user friendly dashboard which shows the common problems related to a wireless network connection and also shows the way of solving them. It consists of an assistance device which assists in setting up the Wi-Fi connections for administrator and for the guests.