Storage of the data is the main goal when computers were designed first. Now computers store large number of data related to many financial trades or list of private clients. If you are employee in a company and wanted data from other computer to continue your work then you can get it through storage devices. However, this way is little bit time consuming. Thus, networking sounds beneficial in this case. Network is nothing but connecting two or more computers and let them communicate with each other to transfer data. Networking no doubt makes life much easier and makes us able to do following tasks.
Benefits of Networking

  • Suppose you want to pay bills on laptop but your bills are stored on desktop in office. Instead of physically going into the office for that particular file you can access it through network. You can decide which file to share and thus network is always under your control.
  • You can connect compatible entertainment devices such as new generation TVs or music player over the network to play music or to watch photos etc. In this process, digital media is send over the network to access it.
  • In a cyber café or offices you can buy only one internet connection and can share it over the network instead of buying individual connection for each console.
  • You can also play multiplayer games over the network with other users and can even connect gaming consoles like Xbox 360 or Wii to the network.
  • The same way you can connect a printer over network so that each computer connected through network can access it.
  • There are two ways to connect computers via network. One is wired in which each and every computer is connected with wire but it restricts the portability of device.

Wireless networking

Another way is connection through wireless media. This is the best possible way of connecting a group of computers. First of all you get rid of mess of wire connections which are also costly to install. There is no need to carry wire in each and every section where computer is located.  Wires carry many problems with them like fitting in wall and thus to make everything wire-free is always beneficial. However, you will get portability at the cost of speed. Speed of wireless network is not equal to that of wired networks. If you wish to play multiplayer games then you must prefer wired type for it. The speed is more than sufficient for rest of the applications though.

To setup a network, what you need is a router. It is a type translator that helps to establish better communication between computers. You can establish wired connection with its help and it also provides you with an alternative if you wish to switch to wireless environment later. If you are not using notebooks currently and thus don’t need wireless connectivity right now; it is better to prepared for it. It will help reduce your hardware cost for installation of wire-free environment.