Google is preparing a new tool that will help you organize file on your e-mail. It is called Google docs. Announcing the Google docs application as the Google document editor, Google just released this application to help the customers have a virtual desk to save the documents. It has several applications such as; Google drawings, new version of Google documents and Google Spreadsheets.

Features of Google Docs

In Google Docs you can share your profile  or remain private. In getting started with Google docs, you have to go to Gmail and sign in. Then, click document at the top, another window will appear. This window shows the document you have on the virtual desk.

You can add a file by viewing the attached file of a message sent or received. In order to enable this option, click view and a window will appear. You will see a thumbnail of the document. At the top, you will see the words with links like download, print, plain HTML, edit online and the last will be ‘save in Google Docs’. Click the save button in Google Docs and your file will be saved. Note that only files like docx, odt, ods, rtf, csv, ppt and xls can be saved and edited online.

Google Drawing editor is one of the new features of Google Docs.  It can be a great help to consumers who wish to fix an image online. This application has a zoom icon users to clearly see the image. You can view this by drawing a rectangular shape on the image that you want to zoom. If you have to create a perfect circle, you have to drag the line to shape it as an arc. There is also a toggle button that looks like a capital T and a broken line on it. This icon is for selecting text. If you need to copy or paste text, press that icon.

This is easy to use and is like Microsoft Windows paint. Yet, Google is planning to polish it. If you are familiar with its strokes to draw an object, then this editor is for you. You can put them into web pages of websites. The file extension of the picture images are the following: .PNG, .JPG, .PDF and .SVG. If you have a picture already in your Google docs, copy and paste it into the new drawing editor and you can edit it online.  This new editor supports the file SVG. If your browser does not support SVG file, then it might not work.

The system requirements for using the drawing editor in operating systems are: windows XP and NT that have a Google chrome, IE 7 and 8, and Firefox 3.0 browser. In windows vista and windows 7, it is the same as in Windows XP and NT. In Linux you should have a Firefox 3.0 then in Mac OSX 10.4, you should have a safari.

A closer look at Google applications have made it even better. Though the application needs to be polished more, it can be a big help even now. This will save a lot of effort when you need to edit the image once it is on the web.