Apple is a first liner in making world renowned technologies that go far beyond human expectations. Creating sleek designs of smart phones and full capacitating technology to all people who need and want in all over the world. Today Apple is expanding and providing the world with the technology they deserve. Apple is vastly growing in areas where people starve to taste their technology, and this time they start in China, a vision of providing all apple enthusiasts the products they need right within their reach.

Apple Store

Apple has successfully launched its 2nd Apple Store in China. Today, Apple enthusiasts in China gain greater access on apple products such as iPhones, iMacs, etc. as Apple ventures in opening a new Apple store in China.

A 1,500 square meter store was constructed at Pudong district of Shanghai China with a 40-foot cylindrical glass that is labeled with the famous apple logo. When it opened around 10:00 am, hundreds of people lined up right outside the store, some was even there for 70 hours.

Apple is planning to open more stores in China to level up with competitor’s Nokia and Lenovo. Apple plans on opening 25 more apple stores in China.

The store attracts various costumers from teenagers to elders, apple’s products are pretty much sellable to any generation because of the wide variety of software it provides its users catering the needs of the young and the old.

Apples products, though can cater all generation, it is highly sellable among professionals, most on lawyers, teachers, and medical practitioners as reported by the local media of China.

Unlicensed Distributors

In China, there is a labeled gray market where unlicensed distributors sell iPhones. Analysts say that the gray market sold over 2 million iPhones or more compared to the 1 million sold by the licensed distributors in China. Though the gray market sold more than the licensed distributors, Apple still gains the advantage as this circumstance indicate a large number of demands of Apple products over China.

Apple’s top selling model, the iPhone 3Gs is sold for almost 7000 Yuan in Unicom stores in China which is sold in a much lesser amount at the gray market. Apple 3G S is the most favorite of China Apple enthusiasts as this is a good buy for a good cost.

Competitors: Nokia and Lenovo

Nokia, the most famous cellular phone makers in the world settles 100,000 outlets in China, as stated by a spokeswoman of the Company in China. While Lenovo, the biggest and most renowned personal computer maker in China on the other hand settles 10,000 outlets.

It is predicted the shipment demand in China will increase to 50% or an estimated 26 million in 2010. With Apples vision of invading the market in China, it is not far from materializing this prediction in China. The new apple store in China is only the beginning of a new era, an era of more than just handy phones, and an era that will mark the beginning of a new China.