The Chinese internet companies are working on some options to get into the market through popular media like Twitter. The Chinese people faced many problems in accessing various websites and blogs. They were unable to open the links as these are dead and inaccessible. Due to these problems many of the Internet users left and stopped using blogging services.

Chinese Portals

The other services offered by the Chinese internet portals like Sina and QQ informed that the services associated with Twitter are in testing mode. The two other services namely NetEase and Sohu are kept for maintenance. The microbloggers on sina were unable to work on the International web sites. Some editor having the maximum number of followers mentioned on their microblog that many of the users could not even find their names on the internet.

The competitive site Sohu was affected badly in operation. As it was kept for the maintenance, the microblog facility offered by them had no search function. Users could not publish links to several other sites than those of Sohu. When the users posted links to other sites, these were unsuccessful and never materialized. The lawyers who were involved in public interest saw there were microblogs and a few blogs on Sohu. The person Yao Yuan wrote a blog on Sina which has rival matter against Sohu. The moserators and the webmaster of Sina removed this post later.

When the telephonic interviews were held, people talked about several operational sites that refused to tighten controls. They mentioned that they were continuously testing as their operating system came into market and could not control users and their activities. However, they failed to explain clearly why they had not noted this change earlier.

These incidents create news and makes lots of bad reviews and publicity in the press media. But one of the employees who is in charge of Sina informed that it is like a day to day event. It is not the news in fact it is a daily occurring. Employees working in other portals informed that this change is in response of direct restrictions from the Chinese Internet Authorities.

One of the editors at Sahu said that he cannot give any detailed information as they are still assessing and learning the current situation in China. He kept his name confidential as he was worried to come into the focus of the government. He further said that these products were new for the Chinese people. The officials and the media partners in respective states are also taking the benefit of these new tools in order to have better interaction with the public and know their opinion.

But the institute’s in affiliation with government instigated regarding the hindrance of hostile forces in china and international countries for exploring sites to the fans. One of the new media specialists informed that there have been difficulties where internet users have discussed among themselves about these incidents, but the news which come into focus because of them is not liked by the government and so the relevant information and factual details are all suppressed.