Lanner is the company that is well known when it comes to the release of various forms of products that will make you think twice in the digital world. Lanner had been in this business of making anything digital for several years now, which means that the company can be trusted when it comes to the provision of very essential and smart looking digital products.

The product

One of the latest releases of Lanner is the digital product known as LEC-7030. This product is a special kind of interactive platform. The purpose of getting it is to help in the narrow casting of the digital signage market.

Its qualities

The LEC-7030 does have certain qualities that just newly added to this latest version of the LEC-7030 are special audio and even video inputs that will make you fall in love deeply with the product. The product has onboard 1.6Hz Intel atom. This Intel atom has DVD and VGA video output.

If you want to produce very clear audio and video outputs from this digital product, all you really need to do is to connect the AVG and DVD outputs to any form of digital signage screen and you will nave your quest. If you want to increase the surface area of the message being displayed, you just need to utilize both the output for the AVG and the DVD. This will also help in increasing the effectiveness of the signage a great deal.

Its functionality

There are various forms of applications too that are available on this signage platform. One of these useful applications is the high impact advertising screen in places like a shopping mall. You can also make use of this application at mass transportations and even tourist destinations.

Lanner is capable of adding other signage functionality. This is due to the design of the signage platform with both analog S-Video and RCA audio inputs. Every data about the viewpoints of customers can be easily viewed to the intent of increasing signage effectiveness. This is done by stationing a kind of external camera, which is connected through S-Video port.

One great thing about the signage platform is its ability to make available high quality video footage. This goes a long way to set it far above IP cameras. It doesn’t even need to request for any network capability like IP cameras before it functions properly.

You will find this special signage platform to be very compatible with the various software you may be making use of on your system. Be it Linuxkernel2.146 and even higher grades, the digital product works well on them. If what you have is either the windows XPE or even windows XP 32-bit, you can be sure that this signage platform will work well for you to the extent that you will fall in love with what you are provided with. It will surely make a reality out of your sweet long dreams.