Ever dreamt of transferring large volumes of music and data from one laptop to the other wirelessly? Well, it is not a dream anymore, as Asus and Acer have come out with Bluetooth 3.0 and WirelessHD enabled laptops, which are expected to hit the markets some time later this year.

Great Expectations
Sure thing, they’re going to be the head turners, but a lot more is expected from these laptops, as each one will be one of its kind, and there won’t be any direct competitors either. What’s more, you will now be able to convert even your PC into Blu-ray player or a high definition gaming console, thanks to the capability to transmit high-definition videos to larger TV screens.

As you must be aware of the fact that the latest Bluetooth 3.0 standard boasts of unbelievably fast transfer rates of 3MBPS+, which goes as high as 25MBPS. This will simply mean that you’ll be able to transfer an entire movie, or copy contents of a 7GB DVD in a matter of few seconds. The latest standards are also expected to add a world of stability and reduce the power consumption too.

Asus has unleashed the G53 and G73JW gaming laptops with WirelessHD capabilities, and added that they will soon be releasing the Bluetooth 3.0 enabled laptops too, though the company did not announce any specific model number with the Bluetooth 3.0 compatibility.

Another interesting point to be noted here is that the connections used to break really fast as soon as the paired device were taken out of range. However things will be far different in case of the new Bluetooth 3.0 and WirelessHD standards, as these latest laptops will shutdown the Bluetooth radio lot more faster than the previous devices, resulting in a good deal of power saving.

The best part of the story is that these laptops will make use of the 60GHz frequency band, and Sibeam’s WirelessHD technology to facilitate data transfers preventing interference of wireless communication with these transfers; in simpler words, you will be able to wirelessly transfer data, and also make use of Wi-Fi or cordless phones, at the same time, due to usage of different frequency bands.

Of course, you can’t count out the 3D feature, and no points for guessing that these next generation laptops will feature 3D screens; G73JW will have a 17.3-inch large screen, while the G53 will have a smaller 15.6-inch screen.

So, gone are the good old days of wired connectivity; say hello to these ultimate Bluetooth and WirelessHD enabled laptops that will allow you to live wirelessly!

Perhaps the day is not too far when we will be able to wirelessly connect all the devices such as a Smartphone, projector, TV set, camcorder, and digital camera, and operates with absolutely no strings attached!