There are several versions of the Android operating system from Google. Everything seems to work seamlessly. However, there could be issues when it comes to downloading multiple files. The files are stored at different locations of the storage media. After the download is complete and a user starts to open it, the system gets slow because it has to jump from one location to the other location. It is all about the scattered data and collecting it. This is the time which is consumed while gathering the information and data in fragments.

To solve this problem Google has developed a new and advanced API. With this it will become possible for the users who have Android operating system on their cell phones, whatever be their version. It is great and it has added a new feature that is enough to fight with the competitors like iPhone and Blackberry. Motorola has launched a new tablet PC called XOOM compatible with the Android Honeycomb operating system. The new application helps in achieving seamless speed and gives a never before multitasking experience on the go. Google has made it possible to defragment data and files.